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Project "Security Wall" - A big THANKS to Daimler!
25.03.2014 - 19:33

Update from 21.12.2015:

Dear WaMaGriSo fans,

We are pleased to announce that the construction of the school wall has finally been completed. Also gates have been constructed. Thus, the school field is now safe and there is no road access for foreign vehicles.

Currently we continue to work on the expansion of the grounds.

We have built a slide and a carousel (Mary go round) and are about to straighten the sports field.

We are very pleased that we finally came so far, despite all the difficulties that we had.

Best regards,
Your Maria Walz

Building of the security wall - Update December 8th, 2013:

Dear Wamagriso Visitors,

The building process of our security wall turned out to be a bit more complicated than initially anticipated. After some heavy rainfall we realized that more material was needed than we had originally planed for. The project got delayed until we had the chance to gather the necessary resources.
As of November 2013 the building process continues and good progress has been made since then.

Although the rain has slowed us down it turned out to be a blessing as it offered us the chance to reassess our needs at a still early stage of the building process.

Best regards,

Your Maria Walz

Building of the security wall - We can start!

Dear Wamagriso Visitors, dear Daimler Associates,

On behalf of Wamagriso e.V. and especially on behalf of our schools' students I want to say thank you for the amazing support we received from the Daimler ProCent Aktion:

Through the donations of many Daimler associates and the companies outstanding charitable efforts we raised 25.000 Euros; enough to start building our security wall.

The building of a security wall around the school grounds is a legal directive of the school ministry in Sierra Leone. With this security wall our students will be protected from any outside influences and dangers during classes and breaks. From now on the children can study, run and play in a more safe and secure environment. In the past cars passing through the school grounds posed a high risk and noise disturbance to our students.

Here are some pictures from the ground breaking and construction:

Best regards,

Your Maria Walz


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