Our cover children :-)

A future for Sierra Leone

Dear WaMaGriSo visitors,

At this point, we would like to introduce you to our title children:

Bai : 14 years, 1 brother. Career aspiration: Minister of Education.
The family lives off Stonemining and Breakstone.

Yorroh: 13 years. He wants to be a lawyer. Yorroh has
12 brothers and 1 sister. The family live off selling various
home-made articles and building houses (Bricklaying).

Gbassay: 10 years. Career aspiration: Doctor of Medicine.
Gbassay has 8 siblings. The family lives off selling various
small products and stonemining.

Yattima: 2 years. Career aspiration: Pastor. Yattima has
5 siblings. The family lives off vegetable growing.

Joshua: 8 years.1 brother and 5 sisters. Joshua wants to
become President of Sierra Leone. The family live off selling
various small products, the father is a driver.

Emanuel: 8 years, 4 siblings. His career aspiration: President of Sierra Leone.
The family lives off Stonemining.

Our children in 2008 ........... and in 2012 (cover photo)

First picture: Bai (top left), Gbassay (top right), Yarrah (middle), Yattima (middle left), Joshua (bottom), Emanuel (lower right)

These boys are just six of many other students from our WaMaGriSo Community School.
With our school, we are able to offer a good education and therefore, the opportunity to realize their dreams.

Warmest regards,
Your Maria Walz

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