Overview about our projects

School and Nursery School

Our School in Mambo lies approximately 25 kilometers from the centre of Freetown. Children come from surrounding villages of up to 13 kilometers away. Our first school building has been in use since September 2009. The children are taught from 1 to 6 class in the Primary School. There is a lot of interest in our school, because we offer a very good education for the children and because our fees are kept to an affordable minimum.

In the meantime a second school building has been built for approximately 30 children in nursery and Primary School, so we have 350 children in total. A new school building for Junior Secondary School children has been opened in summer 2013.

We would like to be able to build a new school building for Senior Secondary School pupils. We also plan to build a wall around the whole school site. In the meantime, this has been done successfully.

Education up to GCSE and A-level

All children even those from the poorest families have the opportunity to attend our school from nursery to Secondary level. All lessons are in English as the official language of the country is English.

The official recognition of the school

Although we have finally achieved official recognition from the government we receive no financial support from them as yet. We have to continually provide for our own school running costs with teachers' salaries and learning materials. Currently, we are employing 16 teachers. In working towards our goal "Helping them to help themselves" we hope that in the future the school will achieve its independence, although we know, they will always need our guidance and support. The official recognition of the school is very important for the pupils because this will mean proper recognition of their examination certificates and will mean that they can continue their education on to a higher education, university or with further studies or professional training which will secure a better future for them.

Medical centre urgently required

Initially we would like to provide a First Aid station for the school to deal with general medical problems of the school children. For this we need a supply of disinfection material, plasters and bandages and medication for pain relief. Eventually we would like to extend this facility to be available for the whole community of Mambo in the form of a medical centre. For this we are always grateful for your charitable support!

Sewing School

In 2012 we opened a tailoring / dressmaking school using machines donated by German companies for 20 women from Mambo. Every afternoon they learn the skills of a seamstress practising with old packaging paper from building materials, as real fabrics would be too expensive. In addition they learn Accounting and English. After two years they graduate and the best student is presented with their own machine. In the future we hope to offer similar training courses for other trades and crafts and this would then also provide an income through the selling of their products. The goal of our community project would be to promote an amount of financial self-sufficiency within the school.
Since 2015, our most experienced tailors make our school uniforms for our kids.

Container transport and donation in kind

Much of our building projects and kitting out of the school has been made possible through donations and fundraising. School materials, fabrics, clothing and furniture were transported by containership to Sierra Leone. The donation of a school bus by Maria was a highlight. Now teachers and pupils are safely transported to school and kept safe and dry even in the rainy season.

Meanwhile, the school bus is already too small. Therefore, in the next school year in 2016/2017, a new and larger one with 49 seats which could be purchased cheaply, will be provided. This bus will also be used for public transport of the population, which also means an additional income for the school.

Voluntary help

Would you like to know more about this project and help to do some good? Then you are welcome to come to our school and support our teachers or to do the teaching yourself. Students, teachers and any other experts are all welcome to come and help. If you are interested please simply send us an email to wamagriso@yahoo.com or to wamagriso@web.de

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