Report January to March 2010

March 10th, 2010 - Events of the last three months

In December 2009, Maria Walz went back to Sierra Leone for three months to gather some more insights about the school life and to overview the construction process. We are very pleased that by now 98 children are attending our school. Initially we planned that the first school house would house a complete primary school. However, the test results of the enrolled students showed a remarkably low education level, although some of them had already been to school for four years.

This is why we decided to start we three 1st grade classes, to give all the children the same opportunities. The first school house was only supposed to fit the kindergarten as well as the four grades of primary school. Without the turnover it is really urgent to start with the construction of a second school house as soon as possible.

The test results also made us realize how inefficient the education of the poorest of the poor is handled in Africa. At this point we really want to thank the teachers at Wamagriso who achieved outstanding achievements to bring the students up to a proper education level. Another remarkable aspect is that our teachers have a say in how to run the school which is very unusual in Africa. This even further enlarges their commitment and the teaching quality. The teachers suggested to stage sport team competitions to further enhance the students social abilities. Sport uniforms are needed for this project and it would be very great we can find sponsors for the next school year, for example companies with either the colors blue, red, yellow or green in their logo.
The school house for the kindergarten and primary school is still under construction, but great progress has been made so that it should be finished in April. We can move in in May or June at the latest.
It is important to say, that this school house will be the only school in Sierra Leone equipped with a water flushing toilet. Actually it is even the only toilet in Mambo. This was only possible because Wamagriso enlarged the supporting wall for the Mambo dam. Also Wamagriso installed a new water pipe from the dam through the village to our school. By installing four additional water spigots, the water supply for the whole village is secured. Another water spigot was installed directly at the school.

In February our first supporting member Mrs. Helga Janz came visiting us in Sierra Leone. Mrs. Janz was very impressed by the work being done by our organization. She was able to gain some impressions of how our school is run, the dedication of the teachers and the pride of the children to be able to attend this school. Mrs. Janz was welcomed very warmly by the entire village. With her presents for the school and the children she made everybody very happy. Just the fact that somebody from Germany goes on the long journey and shows so much interest in them is the greatest gift for the people. At this point we would like to refer to Mrs. Janz's visitors report where she describes her personal impressions and experiences in Sierra Leone. We sincerely want to thank Mrs. Janz for her interest in the work of our organization.
It is our principle that all donation money is directed 100% to the projects. Everybody, who wants to support our organization is always welcome to visit us in Sierra Leone and get an impression of our work.

Further activities:
Lecture about Wamagriso in the parish hall in Lonsee by Maria Walz - many thanks for the donations that could be raised during this event.
Thank you to our partner school in Baden-Baden Lichtental for giving us the opportunity to stage a slide show and the event on the Christmas market, that both contributed greatly to our donations account
On May 1st, 2010 Wamagriso will be present with products from Sierra Leone at our own stand at the Lonnsee May Market. We are looking forward to many visitors!

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