Report April to June 2010

Maria Walz came visiting Sierra Leone again from the end of April until June.

Because the government stopped the sale of wood for constructions, the second school house couldn’t be completed as planned. Wood could only be bought under high difficulties and extremely high prices. As we didn't intend to pay the soaring prices the construction was delayed and a lot of improvisation was needed to keep up with the schedule.

In the meantime the situation improved so that the school house will be finished in time for the new school year in September.

The organization Wamagriso is now officially registered in Sierra Leone. Therefore the land that was given to us by the village of Mambo can now be legally assigned to our organization. Under these circumstances we can start building a wall around the school grounds to clarify the property situation. This is very important in Africa.

Our teachers keep on working with high motivation and dedication. This motivation can also be seen in the parents. Although not really common in Africa, the parents are actually interested in the school business and organization. The previous parents conference confirmed this trend. Compared to only a 20% attendance quote at the earlier events, this time almost all the parents were present.

The government provided some schoolbooks. However, we are still missing out on notebooks, pens and other working material. We would be very glad to receive some more donations for this. This also applies to our other planned projects, for example we are still looking for sponsors for our school's sport uniforms.

A voluntary worker from Germany joined our project in June. In the course of a social internship at our school in Mambo he worked for one month with great results.

The education of African teachers can not be compared to the European standards. This is why we would appreciate more teachers and interns from Germany or other European countries to do temporary voluntary work at our school. Through this we have the chance to bring the African teachers closer to the European school standards, as they don't have the financial resources to study in Europe. Just the presence of the intern in June gave so many new impulses and ideas to the classrooms. In several fruitful meeting we discussed different teaching methods. The local teachers were really surprised about how much knowledge a German school graduate already possesses.

But now, our children mainly look forward to their two month long summer break.

After the summer break we will welcome 50 new students to our school!

Your Maria Walz

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