A new achievement - certification of our school!

Initially we were told that the certification or our school would happen right after opening. Unfortunately, the whole process took several years of inquiring at the ministry about the status of the certification.

By March 2012, while the ministry still took its time, the situation became more and more critical. The motivation behind the certification is that our teachers would actually be employed by the state and also the state would have to cover the costs of some school material. As there are not enough resources for school material, this is a known difficult topic with the ministry in Sierra Leone.

At the end of September 2011, Maria and Vera Haseloff had some severe discussions with the government officials of Sierra Leone.
After intensive further inquiries, the official papers were finally handed over in April 2012 and we were able to pick up some school books at the Waterloo Rural District offices.

Why is the official certification of our school in Mambo so important?

First of all, the goal of our organization is that the school will be able to sustain itself in the (distant) future, although - following our principle "help the people help themselves" - a certain amount of support will always be necessary.

Secondly, the official certification by the Sierra Leone government is very important for our students as well. Having an officially accredited diploma is essential for their future job opportunities.

We are very glad about the good news!

Your Maria Walz

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