Container Transport and donations

The time has finally come… another container is on its way to Africa!

Our first 6th grade class is about to start this year, so we were in need of some new school furniture. We still had some tables and chairs left from our last school furniture charity that we could ship to Sierra Leone.

The container arrived in Lonsee on March 18th, 2012 at 4 pm. We had only two hours to load everything with the help of our friends and family. From there it went on to Hamburg, where the container was supposed to leave within the next week. Expected arrival in Sierra Leone was June 22nd. The actual arrival date turned out to be July 13th, just in time to furnish the classrooms for the beginning of the new school year.

After overcoming some bureaucratic obstacles, which included an unplanned visit to the authorities, we could finally pick up the container from the sea port. Despite the bad weather and road conditions the container was driven by truck all the way from Freetown to Mambo at 7pm. As the container had to be back at port the same night, we were on a very tight schedule. In the end everything worked out just fine and the container arrived safe and sound at the school.

At the ministry

The truck leaving the sea port

Customs Control

The road

As part of the container shipment, friends and family in Germany started a great donation collection initiative.
Under the motto "Spring has come. Old clothes need to go… to Africa!" a huge amount of clothes, toys, shoes, bed sheets, etc. were collected. We are really happy about these great donations and want to thank all participants, especially the donators from Munich!

The donations were distributed to our students and the people of Mambo.
Upon the arrival of the container, a special initiative was created: for their outstanding performances the best students of each class received a little extra prize from the container; for example a football, shoes, a toy car or a princess dress (thank you so much for his one, the little girl was very happy). The initiative was received very positively and will create a great incentive for the new school year. On behalf of our students and the people of Mambo we are very grateful and happy about the donators' generosity.

Graduation ceremony

Another highlight of this year's container shipment was a donation by Maria: a MB100 school bus for the teachers and children. During the long rainy season, teachers and students from now on have to opportunity to arrive dry and in time for their classes. Especially for students living outside of Malabo, the school bus is a blessing. So far the children had to walk to school on the dangerous roads, where no attention is paid to pedestrians by car and truck drivers.

We are looking forward to comments and questions in our forum.

Best Regards,
Your Wamagriso Team

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