Project "Sewing Machine"

Update, 14.05.2016:

Since 2015, our most experienced tailors make our school uniforms for our kids.
Thus, the sewing machine project has been completed and finally runs independently on.

We still need your support and are happy for any further manual sewing machine donations.


Project "Sewing Machine" - Update December 8th, 2013:

Dear Wamagriso Visitors,

Unfortunately, our Project "Sewing Machine" suffered from a temporary standstill as it was boycotted by a very influential family in the village. This family laid claim on part of our land although it was officially assigned to us by the government. Because they were afraid of this family the women didn't continue sewing. Now that the problem was solved by a court decision we can start anew.

This picture shows Peter, our new course instructor. He is physically handicapped from birth and applied for the new position at Wamagriso. Finding a job is very difficult for physically handicapped people in Africa and Peter is very happy to work for Wamagriso. We are so glad to have won such a competent and warm-hearted employee.

Best Regards,
Your Maria Walz

Our Project "Sewing Machine" is starting!

Dear Wamagriso Visitors,

To establish our own tailoring school, we previously shipped 10 manually operated sewing machines to Sierra Leone. Now that the last sewing machines arrived we can finally realize our idea and start Project "Sewing Machine". At the moment, 20 women from Mambo are enrolled in the sewing course. Every afternoon from 12.30 to 4 pm they learn the craftsmanship of tailoring and sewing.
Additionally the women learn a basic understanding of scales and numbers as well as the English language (the native language in Sierra Leone is Krio). As most of the women do not have any school education and illiteracy rates are high, these further educational measures will enhance their chances to find a job.

Because fabrics are too expensive the women in the picture are practicing with paper building material wrappings of the new school house.

Of course you can't forget about having fun! To change up the course schedule we play soccer every Friday afternoon.

Upon finishing the course after two years, the best seamstress will receive her own sewing machine.

The goal of this project is to give students the opportunity to learn a craft next to their school education. Furthermore course participants can earn some extra income by selling their products. Through the sales of products we hope for this project to eventually become not only self-sustaining but to contribute to the overall growth of the school.

Although the school is certified by the state we still can't hope for any support by the government of Sierra Leone. Therefore we are grateful for any support!

Best Regards,
Your Maria Walz

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