Third school house

Update, 14.05.2016:

The third school house is now completely finished after the terrible Ebola epidemic.
On the ground floor the sewing was housed and the equipment room of our solar system. The Medical Centre is not yet finished completely.

Here an overview about our current rooms within our three school buildings:

First School house: Classes 3+4 Primary School. Two of our rooms are unfortunately not available
at the moment as the basement has sunk

Second School house: Kindergarden 1 to 3 & classes 1 + 2 Primary School

Third School house: Classes 5 + 6 Primary & 1 to 3 Junior Secondary School


We are building our third school house!

Building of our third school house - Update December 8th, 2013

Dear Wamagriso Visitors,

These are some pictures of our new school house that we started using in September 2013 (although it is not entirely completed yet). One of the pictures shows our current 6th grade class in primary school while they are getting their new school books. There is also a picture of the 1st grade class in secondary school (equivalent to 7th grade in the German school system) and our principal, Mrs. Mansary:

All the best,
Your Maria

Building of our third school house - Update August 29th, 2013

Dear Wamagriso Visitors,

Quick update: We are very happy that the third school house is almost finished!
The 6th grade graduation class is excited about moving into the new school house next school year.
All the classrooms are completed and the paint job of the façade will be done after the rainy season. Unfortunately, we need some more financial support to complete the lower level which will house the nurse's and the principal's offices. As we currently have about 250 students, the nurse's office is of immense importance to treat the cuts and bruises that occur in everyday school life.

Best Regards,
Your Maria

We are building our third school house!

Dear Wamagriso Visitors,

The school system in Sierra Leone consists of four different levels:

Primary School from 1st to 6th grade
Junior Secondary School from 7th to 9th grade
Senior Secondary School from 10th to 12th grade
Tertiary Education - four years of further qualification / university

Find out more about the school system in Sierra Leone on Wikipedia:

As of now, the school is only large enough to house students from kindergarten to 6th grade.
We want to give them the opportunity to attend Secondary School at Wamagriso in a new school house.
With the help of a project based donation by Bengo we started the building process in October 2012.
Our new secondary school will house eight new classrooms and will be completed around the end of March 2013.

Once completed, the school house still needs to be staffed with new teachers and maintained, which implies further costs. Although the school is certified by the state we still can't hope for any support by the government of Sierra Leone. Therefore we are grateful for any support!

We will keep you updated!

Best Regards,
Your Maria

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